Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Write Love on Scarlette's Arms

Scarlette was the Perfect Baby.
Slept through the night right Away,
Rarely cried or fussed,
Genuinely happy nearly all the Time.
Her parents proclaimed her Sweet nature
Over and over.  And over.
How could she become Anything but the 
Perfect Toddler?
Her chestnut curls were the Source of ooohs and aaahs 
Everywhere they went.
Her endearing smile captured Hearts while her
Precocious disposition Surprised and delighted 
Friends, Family and Strangers Alike.
Scarlette was the 
Perfect little girl.
The naysayers and Glass Half Empties would chide:
Just wait til she's a teenager...
Then you'll have your hands full.
But Scarlette had been schooled in
Perfection and she easily proved the 
Cynics wrong.
She received the best marks at school,
Was adored at her part time job at Fizzy Pop,
Joined the missions teams on school breaks and
Always had a kind word to offer.
She was
The Perfect 
That's what her parents said.
Over and over. And over.
But inside, where no one could see,
Scarlette was beginning to
A tiny fissure at first, an exam that went not well.
That fissure began to widen after a Perfect Boy
Broke her heart.
Scarlette never told anyone about the crack, or the test or the boy...
She never told them she wasn't really
There was a friendship that was marked by betrayal,
Followed by another exam 
Followed by a fit of silent tears that 
Scarlette began to hide in her 
Perfect bedroom and 
Sob and
Sob and 
Scream into her pillow,
"I'm NOT perfect!  I'll never be perfect!
She would cry herself to sleep and in the morning
Wake and clothe herself with her 
Perfect Facade
And, smiling through her pain and fear,
Face the day.  
When she could no longer bear the weight of her 
Awful Secret
Scarlette began to hurt herself.
There was a relief there that she didn't understand
But it made her feel
It became her new 
Secret and her Best Friend.  
Scarlette didn't have to be perfect with her new
Didn't have to pretend to be happy or fine or
She didn't even have to feel.
But the 
Perfect Friend turned on Scarlette 
The Terrible Day that it went
Too Far.  
And Scarlette couldn't keep her secret any longer.
Mother And Daddy were 
Terrified and 
They cried and questioned and
They found a place for Scarlette to
It was scary.
It was the hardest thing
Scarlette had ever done.
But she never gave up. 
Scarlette encountered 
Who told her she was precious and beautiful and 
Cherished and she didn't need to be perfect because 
He saw her as she would one day be
And it freed her.  
The Perfect One took on her scars
And in their place
He Wrote 
On her arms.
Perfect Love.