Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moxie is a Survivor

It was a Tuesday just like any other.
Except that for Moxie, nothing would ever be the same.

It began with a teeny tiny, barely palpable little bump.

So seemingly insignificant she nearly dismissed it altogether.
But, No, she thought, better safe than sorry...

And she made the appointment.
What Dr. Truly was supposed to say was,
"Oh, it's nothing. Absolutely nothing. Don't give it another thought."
That's what she was supposed to say.

What she actually said were the very words Moxie never in
A million years
Thought she would hear.

And so began the surgeries and treatments and tests and Scans and more treatments
That comprised
The Fight of Her Life.

Moxie was brave.

She cried.

She called on strength she never knew she possessed.

And she cried some more.

She comforted others, bidding them not to worry.

She prayed.

She hoped. She believed.

And she fought.

Oh, how she fought.

If you ask her today Moxie won't come right out and say she would willingly invite this
Unbidden Guest into her life,
But she will tell you that she is not sorry for it.

Not bitter.

Not frightened...

She will tell you she is grateful for this Intruder.
It has revealed the depth of her faith,
The power of resolution,

And the beauty of hope.
Moxie will tell you that
Nothing can conquer hope.

She is still fighting.

Daily she looks the Intruder square in the eye and says
"You will not break me. You will not win this battle.
I will take from you the lessons I need and I will

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