Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ellie Mae and Jack...A Tragic Almost Love Story

Darling Ellie Mae is a whumpit with a problem. She Can't. Stop. Reading. Novels, magazines, the shampoo bottle in the shower...Ellie sees the written word and absolutely cannot help herself. Ellie Mae remembers with crystal clarity The Day she learned to read. At the age of three and a half, having grown impatient with always waiting for an adult to read to her Ellie taught herself to read. It was a Tuesday and her mother had promised "Just a few more minutes, Ellie Mae" through the laundry folding and the baby brother diaper changing and the macaroni and cheese preparing. She finally just picked up Go Dog Go and Began. To. read.



"Do you like my hat?"

"I do not."



And Ellie Mae would never be the same. Some of Ellie's best friends are books. Come to think of it, most of her friends are books. And she likes that just fine.

Poor, sweet Jack first fell in love with Ellie when she shut out all the fourth graders in three surrounding counties in the Spelling Bee regional finals.


So confident,

No hesitation.

Eyes locked on the judges.

And Jack never had a chance.

All these years of unrequited love and still he Hopes.
Hopes with a capital H.
So firmly does Jack believe in a future with the Girl of His Dreams that he has made the
(misguided and crazy, according to his family)
decision to take the leap and buy a Home.
The darling cottage sits alone and empty at the end of Primrose Place as Jack
Cannot bring himself to move in without his Lady Love.

And so he waits, passing the time with his job at the FizzyPop soda company
And playing Mah Jong online, confident that the day will come when Ellie Mae will
1) Put down her book,
2) Come to her senses and
3) Notice this longsuffering man with the unwavering devotion.

Will Jack's tenacity and adoration prove fruitful?
Will Ellie ever put down the novel long enough to notice the cute young man with the shining eyes?
That's completely and utterly up to you...
So pick up your pen and begin
The Rest of the Story...

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