Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trixie Got Engaged

As head floral artist at Blooming Bliss, Whumpington's premier florist, Trixie has created dozens of bridal bouquets. Unique, gorgeous and tailored perfectly to each bride's personality, Trixie's designs have won her unequaled acclaim. Blushing brides come from counties away to have Trixie design the flowers for their Special Day.

The flowers bring Trixie such joy...but she dreads the inevitable questions regarding her own marital status:

"Trixie, Sweetheart, are you STILL single?"

"How long have you been seeing that Frankie now?"

"Well, what on earth is that boy waiting for?"

"Your poor mother must think she'll never have a grandchild..."

Truth is, Trixie had been dating Frankie for nearly three years, ever since they met waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel at the Whumpington Summer Carnival. Frankie dropped his watermelon snow cone on Trixie's new pink sneakers and practically fell all over himself apologizing. Trixie was charmed. And in love.

And here they were, staring at the third anniversary of their first date and Trixie had no ring. She was beginning to wonder if Frankie would ever pop The Question.

And then one day...

Frankie had called and asked Trixie to meet him at Lake Lilac after work. When she arrived she found Frankie dressed up in a shirt and tie and acting strangely nervous. He didn't even give her the chance to ask what was going on before he stumbled to one knee, fumbled in his pocket and declared:

"Trixie, my um, my Darling, I love you more than, um, coffee, or bubble gum, or um, well, polka music and well, everything else I love not as much as I love you. What I mean is, you're really great and fun and you smell nice all the time and I want to smell you forever. Wait. I mean...oh heck. Willyoumarryme?"

The suddenness of his proposal took Trixie so much by surprise that without thinking she turned and ran. She ran all the way to the Pop Stop and bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and sat on the curb and ate the entire thing. Finishing with a fine belch and gathering her wits, Trixie returned to the lake. Poor Frankie was sitting by the shore with his head in his hands. She snuck up behind him, wrapped her arms about him and whispered "Of course. Yes. yes, of course." And they began to dream together of their future.

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