Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sally Quotes Shakespeare

Sally is perhaps the brainiest Whumpit in all of Whumptington. She is a voracious reader and unashamed dreamer and can quote the ENTIRE works of Shakespeare. You read that right--the Whole Shebang. If you happen to catch Sally in a particularly snappish mood she may burst out with something like, "Thou tirest me with thy drivel. Avant and quit my sight!" One rarely knows just what Sally is talking about and it makes for a solitary life for the sweet girl with the golden locks.

Sally has a secret wish to one day see the Old Globe Theatre in person and to experience Shakespeare as he was meant to be played. With that end in mind, Sally has been collecting and recycling FizzyPop bottles for nearly seventeen years. Will Sally realize her dream? Or is she destined to love out a lonely existence in a town that just doesn't understand or appreciate her?

THAT, Dear Friend, is completely up to you. So pick up your pen...Sally is awaiting her next adventure.

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