Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mavis will find you a Match

Miss Mavis proudly bears the title of Whumpington Matchmaker, and has for over thirty years. Having come from a line of four generations of Matchmakers there was never any question as to what Mavis would do when she came of age. Oh, sure, there were times she entertained the idea of pursuing something else--over the road trucking or animal training--but those thoughts were fleeting and she would settle back into the comfort and predictability of her predestined occupation.

Mavis has seen the sprout of a first date grow into the bloom of Bride and Groom more times than she can count. When a young person comes to Mavis timid and twitchy she pours the whumpleberry tea and lays out the creampuffs (among other things Mavis is an exceptional hostess) and says simply "Tell me your story." Invariably, it will take the young person some time to loosen up, but Mavis has a gift for creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere and is such a wonderful and attentive listener that before long a few halting sentences have grown to an intimate conversation among good friends.

Nothing brings Mavis as much joy as when she sees that first spark when the young man and woman she has hand picked for one another first meet and just click. Nothing, that is, except dancing at their wedding. Mavis has been the honored guest at Whumpington weddings for three decades. The invitations are always addressed to Miss Mavis and Guest, but alas, as successful as she is in finding True Love for others, Mavis has yet to meet her own perfect partner. Where does a Matchmaker go to be matched?

For now, Mavis lives a quiet life with the only man in her life, her chihuahua, Senor Butch. Her future happiness, or solitude is completely up to you. She's ready for you to write The Rest of Her Story.

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