Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silas Writes Children's Books

Silas Crump's future was all set: he was on his way to a championship career in the WWF (Whumpington Wrestling Federation). Week after week the Whumpington Gazette carried glowing stories detailing Silas' devastating Dragon Whip or the crowd favorite, his Stinger Splash. Silas was what you would call a minor celebrity around town. One gloomy Thursday afternoon, however, in a match with Whumpington's fiercest rivals, it became clear that there was a Serious Problem. Silas had developed a paralyzing fear of sweat.

There he was on the mat, facing Grizzly Justice. Silas clearly had the upper hand when...Grizzly broke into a sweat and and changed Silas' life forever. He could not finish the match and couldn't explain why...not to himself or to anyone else. The next week Silas applied the Riding A Bike Theory and tried to get back onto the mat but it was no use. At the very first bead of sweat on his opponent's brow Silas was done for.

Poor Silas fell into a swirling depression that had his friends and family deeply concerned. At their urging he began to see Langley Stinson, a well known counselor/therapist/mentor/confectioner (Langley believed, you see, that chocolate does indeed have healing properties). At the advice of the insightful therapist Silas began to journal. "Just start with one sentence," Langley encouraged, "and see where it goes from there." And so Silas began to write. He wrote about his fears, his disappointments, his deflated dreams. Eventually he began to create very brave characters who overcame adversity. These charming and courageous characters gradually found their way into their very own books.

The literary world embraced Silas' stories of triumph over tragedy and soon he became a Very Big Deal. Silas had been given a new dream and it was grander and more satisfying than he could ever have imagined. Who knew that the most devastating disappointment in his life would lead to the greatest joy?

Will Silas' brilliant literary career continue? Will he become the J. K. Rowling of Whumpington or will tragedy strike again? That, Dear Friend is up to you. So pick up your know what to do.

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